Mandala Workshops

Learn the art of creating Mandalas at Beckenham Place Park Mansion.

The word Mandala basically means a circle or container of energy. It can take the form of paintings, words, drawings, placement of objects or a single word.

The purpose of creating a Mandala is to either manifest or clear something from your life.

Working with the law of attraction, manifestation mandalas attract what is needed to enhance your life for your highest good. This could be a new relationship, a new home, the sale of your current home, a new job, or peace and happiness in your life. Energy is held within the mandala which you can engage with on a daily basis until you achieve your goal. There is a saying ‘Where your Intention goes, your focus goes’.

A clearing mandala does exactly as it sounds. All those negative beliefs you may hold on to, attachments to things which no longer serve you, toxic relationships and more can be eased out of your life by creating a clearing mandala.

The best time to create a clearing Mandala is a full moon and for a Manifestation mandalas is a new moon. Clearing comes first to create the space for the ultimate manifestation. You may find good things start happening as soon as you start clearing.

Join Tracy at the Mansion in a small relaxed group and comfortable setting to learn the tools needed to change your life.

Sessions last one hour and a half and cost £10. Some materials are provided.

Dates of workshops:

Clearing: 16th July, 15th August 2019 18.30 – 20.00pm

Manifesting: 1st August and 30th August 2019 18.30 – 20.00pm

Tracy trained in Spiritual Art at The College of Psychic Studies and is available for one to one sessions. She is also one of the Mansion’s resident photographers.