The amount of times I have heard, “Wow, you have a nice camera! I bet that takes great photos!”

Well …. yes … it does… but it also has just a little if not A LOT to do with the person using it.

Yes I have expensive equipment because  it is solid, it does the job to the standard I require and I know it will go on and on beyond the end of each job!

I’m a Canon girl, mainly because in the beginning of my photojournalistic career, I borrowed a Canon RT film camera from a friend. I then bought a Canon EOS 1N with an 24-85 lens. I then progressed to buy a 70 – 200 USM F2.8 followed by a 16-35mm f2.8.

Then came the digital change… I had the Canon D30, all 3.2 Megapixels of it, followed by the Canon 1D,  5D, 5DMK2, and my absolute favourite I use every day is the Canon 5DMk3.

So in the bag is:

Canon 5D3 DSLR
Canon 5D2 DSLR
Canon 70 – 200 L 2.8 USM IS Lens
Canon 24 – 70 L 2.8 Lens
Canon 16-35 L 2.8 Lens
Canon 50mm 1.4 Prime Lens
Canon Speedlites 580EXII
Quantum Turbo Battery Pack

Laptop & Wacom Intuos4 tablet for editing on the hoof!
And a whole range of little gadgets and accessories to help make things look more amazing!

For Studio Work

Elinchrom 500 studio lights with various brollies, softboxes and other accessories.
Portable Backdrop stand for fabric and paper colorama rolls.

Colorama paper rolls in White, Black and Red
Fabric backgrounds in White, Black, Grey, Red, Silver, Beige, Blue.
All in various widths.

And where would I be without my iPhone?? I’m always snapping away wherever I go for Instagram or Flickr. And I also carry a little Canon G15 Compact which is a fabulous bit of kit and in the right hands (mine) can do a very professional job too!

Lastly, if you are wondering what the bag is??

I’m a huge fan of Snapperstuff kit. I carry everything in one of these….. Airport International Rollerbags because why carry tons of heavy kit when you can roll it??

When working I have all the kit I need on me with my spares around my waist, using a Pro Speed Belt and various Lens Pouches. Essential for keeping upper body to move freely with camera, with the added bonus of having spare lenses, batteries or cards within easy reach when needed. The wonderfully named Hubba Hubba Hiney is the smaller camera bag of choice when out with one lens but it also fits onto the Pro Speed belt around the waist! Bonus!


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